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Valle Hardwoods Floors can be that dependable, local company to which you turn when you’re sure your property deserves exceptional floors! We cater to the Bridgeport, CT area and can’t wait to offer professional installation or repairs – all we can do to provide gorgeous floors!



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While there are many flooring options in the market, hardwood flooring is one of the durable options available and stands out from the rest. You can never go wrong with installing a new hardwood floor in your house.


Refinishing a hardwood floor means sanding off the finish of the hardwood flooring, re staining the color back in, then applying the new finish and top coat.


No one wants to walk around and snag their foot on a splinter from a damaged floor, and those with pets or children wouldn’t want them to get hurt because of a crack in the floor or some other issue. That’s why you can hire our team and have them take a look at the damage and fix it expertly and in no time!


Hardwood floors are beautiful—there's nothing quite like the smooth rich-colored surface. With time, though, hardwood floors see their fair share of wear and tear. Scratched, worn, and unsightly hardwood floors are not uncommon.

It's amazing what simple sanding and refinishing can do to hardwood floors. Cracks, scratches, and other blemishes can be buffed and polished to look like new. A damaged floor does not always mean that a reinstallation is necessary. If you are not sure whether or not your floor is salvageable, simply call Valle Hard Wood Floors. We can assess the condition of your floor and help determine if the floor can be restored, no matter what type of hardwood floor you have.

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